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General Questions


Requirements to be an egg donor:

  • Must be available for appointments, including daily or every other day, for a 2 week period of time. Your appointments will be scheduled at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, between 6:30am – 9:00am.
  • Must be able to take oral birth control pills prior to your cycle of participation.
  • If in sexual relationship, must use condoms during your donation cycle to prevent transmittal of communicable disease and prevent pregnancy.
  • Need to provide detailed and accurate information on your medical, family and social history.
  • Must be able to give yourself injections of medications.
  • Must maintain confidentiality about your participation as an egg donor.
  • Must be comfortable with the possible ways your eggs may be used: help couples build a family, or discarded. You will not have any parental rights or responsibilities to any resulting offspring.

If the requirements are acceptable, please submit this questionnaire to CryoGen. We will contact you with further information.